• cryptlib Security Software Development Toolkit

    The cryptlib Security Software Development Toolkit allows even inexperienced developers to easily add world-class security services to their applications by learning a single API. cryptlib manages all your SSL, SSH, TLS, S/MIME, PGP, OpenPGP, PKI, X.509, CMP, OCSP and SCEP security requirements, and more.

    cryptlib was designed by security experts, but not exclusively for security experts. It is highly efficient and has been rigorously tested across a wide range of operating systems and platforms over the last twelve years. The cryptlib software has been deployed and proven in many different sectors, and our clients state that it is the only security software development toolkit you'll ever need.

    Significantly, cryptlib developers access a series of 'layered' security services according to their needs and capabilities. At the highest level, there are extremely powerful and easy-to-use functions such as: 'encrypt a message' or 'create a digital certificate' that requires no knowledge of encryption techniques, or the underlying algorithms. cryptlib takes care of the key management, data encoding, en/decryption and digital signature processing automatically. By using just a handful of function calls, cryptlib is very efficient, and provides a considerable advantage over other commercially available products. This translates into a significant decrease in programming time, and ultimately, overall cost. For expert users, cryptlib provides a transparent and consistent interface to a number of widely-used encryption algorithms and systems.

    All cryptlib developers can approach their security projects with confidence, knowing that they are deploying expert-designed, robust and time-tested security solutions. The cryptlib brochure offers a comprehensive product summary, and you'll find an in-depth technical manual available for download along with the software.

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  • Why Use cryptlib? 10 Good Reasons…

    1. cryptlib allows developers to add world-class security services to their software applications, quickly.
    2. cryptlib is easy to use. Developers need only learn a single API to master SSH, SSL, TLS, S/MIME, PGP, OpenPGP, and PKI security services.
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